Wine Tasting Tools

Quality Wine Characteristics

Characteristic Explanation
Varietal Typicity True to its varietal characteristics; Visual, Aroma, Flavors, etc.
Integration (Balance) Appropriate balance of key characteristics: acid, alcohol, tannin, etc.
Expressiveness Clear expression of aromas and Flavors
Complexity Richness and variability of nose and taste and finish
Connectedness Faithful refection of its terroir or place of origin
Food Compatibility Potential to enhance meals

Wine Balance

Element Effect
Sugar Sweetness & Body
Acid Tartness & Freshness
Alcohol Body & Heat & Sweetness
Tannin Structure & Astringency & Mouth Feel
Oak Vanillin & Tannin
Age Secondary Aromas & Softens Tannins

Temperature Effects On Wine

+ Means increases
– Means decreases

Wine Flaws