Wine Inventory Management

Use the BottleCru web app to manage your wine collection.

Whether you have a small wine rack at home with a few bottles, or a cellar with hundreds or even thousands of bottles, the BottleCru web app will help keep it all organized and at your fingertips! Know at a glance which wine styles you have on hand, see which wines are aging near the end of their ideal drinking window (or have yet to age enough), look up food pairings for your wines, and much more. You can even snap a photo of each bottle to scan the label and quickly store its info.

Here are a few of the other features available with our Wine Collection Management tool:

Type & Style

Input the wine’s type (grape) & style to conveniently track your inventory. Or, input any uniquely “appellation defined wine” and the app will select the right wine type and style for you, for example Sancerre (White) will convert to Sauvignon Blanc, Racy Summer style.

Image Capture

Store up to two images for each bottle entry (e.g. front and back labels) for a clear visual of your wines.

  • Tap the stored icon image to see the full size images

Wine Bottle Scanning

Use our Wine Scanner tool to take a photo of the bottle label and have our BottleCru magic fill in the details for you! A quick and easy way to add new wines to your collection.

  • Tip! Try scanning the back label as well, it often has the most information about the wine.

Find Food Pairings

Look up details about each wine’s style including a comprehensive list of delicious food pairings.

  • We have a total of 10,000+ expert sommelier-crafted food pairings!

Producer & Appellation Auto-complete

The app will auto-complete inputs for most Producers, Appellations and automatically generates region and country.

Style Auto-select

If the wine type and appellation styles are highly defined it will auto-insert the

  • Wine’s style
  • Optimal serving temperature
  • Best drinking window (for bottle aging)

Inventory Search

Search/Sort your inventory by

  • Producer
  • Appellation
  • Style
  • Star ratings of the same wine tastings
  • Vintage
  • Price
  • Estimated aging conditions

Wine Entry Flags

Based on style and vintage wines are flagged if they are

  • Too young to drink
  • Ready to drink and have reached peak bottle aging

Inventory Analysis

Generate an inventory summary by

  • Wine style
  • Number of bottles
  • Average star ratings by styles

Other Options

Each wine entry can

  • Convert into a rated Tasting History event
  • Search the web for the wine to buy it or see external ratings
  • See the wine’s style details
  • Edit/delete or share it by email or social media with/without the price shown
  • Store copies to make adding multiple wines that are the same quicker

Input/Output of Wine Inventory

  • Export your entire inventory into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Import and entire wine library from a spreadsheet in the proper format. (Please contact BottleCru support to enable this feature for you at