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The only way to consistently choose wines you’ll love is to taste and learn which wine styles you prefer & select wines reliably curated to be in those styles!

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What is a wine style?

Glad you asked… That’s what BottleCru is all about.

A wine style is a particular version of a varietal/type or classic blend which has certain aroma, taste and structural characteristics which are usually consistent and largely uniform from wine to wine. For example, there are three classical styles of Chardonnay. Their acidity, aromas, taste profiles and perceived weight on the palate can be quite different. Classic examples of theses styles are; Oaky Napa Chardonnay, a Burgundy White and a French Chablis. Not only do they smell, and feel differently on the palate, they taste and pair with foods in dramatically different ways.

At BottleCru we guide you to taste wines selected based upon their style, allow you to rate them and decide which you prefer and then recommend wine in those styles! We only use professional sommeliers to review (Curate) the wines and determine their styles. One of our reviewers is renowned Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser.

It’s based on unbiased reviews, not advertising. We don’t sell wines or take any payments for recommending wines or accept any wine advertising.