BottleCru is a great app for both the novice and experienced wine enthusiast. It categorizes wine styles in unique and memorable ways, links you to purchasing options in your area, provides thousands of wine & food pairings, and gives you access to a comprehensive glossary. BottleCru takes the snobbery out of wine and makes the journey fun and approachable.”

Ann Czaja
Master Chocolatier & Wine Educator, DipWSET

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“loads of fun, easy… and pretty darn impressive” – [Read the full article here]

What some of our users said about us…

I thought the app was very interesting and informative. It made learning about wine fun, since I am not a big wine drinker. I was pleasantly pleased to guess all three wines correctly based on the fun descriptions provided. I would definitely recommended it to anyone interested in learning more about wine!

Ken showed us how to use their wine app as a learning tool, which I still use as a guide when trying different wines.


The BottleCru app is a great app for someone who is new to wine like myself. It is easy to use and has a unique approach to learning about the world of wine. It is really in depth and I learned a great deal just playing with it for a bit. I am sure for a seasoned wine drinker this app could take their experience to another level.  Very interesting and fun concept!


BottleCru was created with a focus on finding you wines that you love, instead of the wines you are told to love. We are a wine educational company made up of a team of professional wine sommeliers with the goal of creating both an engaging mobile application and a wine tasting experience to entertain, educate and empower consumers about wine.

We love hearing what our users think of the app and are constantly making updates and improving on not only our offerings but how you can use the app. Read what people have to say about the app and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the survey below! We’d love to hear from you!

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