Quick BottleCru App User Guide

Key Features at a Glance

Search important wine label and industry terms.
Search: grapes, wine types & styles, producers, appellations, food pairings & technical terms.
Access detailed information based on those terms.
Find the search bar at the very top of every page.

A 90 day summary of your tasting history & wine collection activities.
List recent curated wines that match your preferred styles.
List recent curated wines in new styles to try (not yet in your stored tastings).
See your tasting history’s styles scorecard.
See your wish list where you can save wines you hope to try.
See additional recommended styles based on your preferred tastings.
Access the BottleCru “Wine Palate Analyzer” questionnaire to create an initial wine palate profile.

Explore the multiple styles of varietal and classic wine blends.
Discover the key visual, aroma, taste and texture markers of those styles.
See how well they bottle age & best serving temperature & decanting recommendations.
See where they’re typically produced.
Get great food & cheese pairings for all styles.
Discover BottleCru curated recommended wines for all wine styles.
Find similar wine style profiles to help you to explore new wine styles.

Use our BottleCru magic to scan either an individual wine bottle, or an entire wine list!
Discover if a wine’s style matches one of your preferred styles. Or, based upon its label information, get an alternative BC recommendation.
Snap a photo of a wine list to instantly see which wines match your preferred styles, and even identify wine styles you haven’t tried yet that are likely to match your palate.

Access a comprehensive source for great food-to-wine and wine-to-food pairings.
See pairings for over a thousand dishes based on ingredients, sauces & preparation.
See parings for over 100 different cheeses.
See menus & pairings for 50 special events and ethnic meals.
See great pairings for two different dishes or meals with one wine style, for sharing.

Access Lingo, a searchable lexicon of useful wine terms.
Access a practical guide to conducting an effective wine tasting to evaluate wine styles.
Access a practical guide to successfully ordering wine in a restaurant.
Take advantage of our helpful wine tasting evaluation tools
Enjoy our Champagne guide to learn about the different Champagne styles in detail

Access a curated wine library with thousands of wines defined by their styles and reviewed by wine professionals for quality and typicity.
Identify high-quality varietal and blend wines in specific styles.
Search and sort the library based upon style, price, vintage, producers, appellations & countries, organics
See wines recommended by a Master Sommelier & industry leaders e.g. Tim Gaiser MS, Wine Spectator, Jancis Robinson, etc.
Search your local retail stores for our recommended wines or use on-line search engines.
Create your personal wine “wish list” to help shop for wine.

Record and rate your tastings into a Tasting History to create a wine style palate profile.
Capture the bottle and food images.
Record your star ratings, where & when you tasted the wine, wine type, style, price, appellation, ABV, purchase location & external reviews, etc.
Input the wine’s style or let the app indicate what its style likely is based upon the wine’s appellation and label.
Auto convert your inventory wine data into tastings.
Search and analyze your tasting history to determine your Preferred Styles.
Export your tasting history data to a spreadsheet if desired.

Manage a personal wine library.
Add wines into your personal collection with images and all relevant data:
type, style, price, appellation, ABV, purchase location & price, storage location, reviews, bottle aging target dates, etc.
Search and sort the collection based on that data.
See a scorecard of your tastings profiling your past reviews and ratings.
See “flagged wines” too young to drink or at “peak aging” based upon their type & style.
Import /Export all the data from/to spreadsheets.