Record Your Tastings

Going wine tasting and trying new wines? First sign up with the free BottleCru web app to capture your tastings and receive personalized recommendations based on your palate!

Why record wine tastings with BottleCru?

Tasting new wines is the only reliable way on your own, to find new wines to love. But it can sometimes be difficult to remember which wines you enjoyed the most, which styles they were, and how to find them in the future. These challenges are all made simple with the BottleCru web app!

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign Up for your free BottleCru account.
  2. Use the “Record A Tasting” feature to store a rating for each wine you taste (you can even snap a photo of the bottle to quickly scan in its details).
  3. As you capture more tastings, BottleCru uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze your personal palate profile.
  4. Based on your palate, BottleCru then makes personalized wine recommendations!

But why BottleCru, and not another wine app?

A wine’s style not just its variety or blend determines how a wine smells and tastes and how much you personally enjoy it. BottleCru is the only wine app built on wine styles from the ground up. It makes determining a wine’s style and capturing your style preferences easy as you taste through new wines.

Also, most wine apps out there are trying to do one thing… sell you wines!

Not BottleCru. We don’t sell wines, or make any commission by recommending specific wines or producers.

If a specific wine is recommended on BottleCru, it’s because one of our expert somms has evaluated it and deemed it high quality and style specific.

If a wine type and style is recommended to you, it is because our unbiased analysis of your personal palate profile has determined that you are likely to enjoy that particular type and style.

We are a small team of wine experts who love wine and want to help others enjoy it as much as we do!

Okay, how do I sign up?