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Search for all things wine: grapes, types, styles, appellations, producers, food pairings and more right here!

Universal Wine Search Tool

Let’s face it, wine labels can be confusing. It’s hard to know whether a label term refers to a producer, a type of wine, a grape, an appellation, or whether it’s a special version of a wine.

To solve that, we have created a Universal Wine Search Tool! Located above, and also found on every page of our web app (in the dropdown Control Panel), just start typing in the wine term and find matches in a variety of categories.

Search Technical Wine Terms

To select wine styles you’ll love, knowing some key technical wine terms (Lingo) is really useful. The app has a complete list of useful terms with definitions which we’re sure will help you select those wines and make you look smart while doing it.

Search Wine and Food Pairings

The BottleCru universal wine search tool can also help with wine and food pairings as well. Just start typing in the dish, sauce, spice or holiday meal, and it will take you directly to a list of recommended wine and food pairings.

Search Wine Producers

The wine search tool will also identify thousands of wine producers and show their locations. It then show if we have recommended any of their wines and also if you have any of their wines in your collection or tasting history.

Search Wine Appellations

There are hundreds of specific wine growing regions in the world. Often it’s useful to help identify the type or styles of a wines, e.g. Rioja, Bordeaux, Chianti. The universal wine search tool will identify the appellation, region and country and then help identify the wine style, if that area is identified with a particular style of wine.

Searching for Grapes, Wine Types and Styles

The wine search tool will search directly for wine grape varieties (e.g. Chardonnay), wine types (Champagne) and wine styles (Earthy Merlot). It will then show detailed descriptions and will search for them in our Curated wine library, or within your stored tasting or your inventory and show suggested food pairings.