Curated & Recommended Wines

Our team of professional sommeliers review wines, assure their quality,  determine their styles and then craft our list of curated and recommended wines.

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Finding new wines you’ll love is a crap-shoot most consumers! That’s why BottleCru was created.

There are two major reasons:

  • Your palate is unique to you! If you use ratings (not a trusted wine professional) as a guide for your purchases, you also are very often mislead. The reviewer’s palate is likely not like yours. Also reviews are often created to sell the wine, and are not objective. (Have you noticed how few wines reviewed are below 90 points?)
  • Wine labels and descriptions are often not very useful for most people to understand what the wine actually tastes like. So most of the time, you buy a wine, bring it home and drink it without any realistic expectation of what it will taste like. Unless you buy the specific wine you’ve loved before and if it’s from the same vintage, you’re most likely to find that it tastes differently than you expected.

At BottleCru, we use Styles as our guide to recommending curated wines.

The only way to reliably select wine you will love is to taste and learn what wine styles you prefer and select wines reliably crafted in that style! With our list of BottleCru curated wines, you have a reliable source to help you find your favorite wine styles and make it easy to pick bottles you know you will love every time.