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One of the most important skills a professional sommelier should have is the ability to identify and suggest wines which their guests will likely enjoy. However, you may not always have a professional somm handy. Bottlecru has created a Wine Taste Analyzer which parallels this critical sommelier skill. It poses a limited number of questions about a person’s previous wine experiences and then from their answers identities wine styles which that person will enjoy.

This process is not magic but is based upon a process which should enable an qualified sommelier to understand a person’s palate and specifically their sensitivity and affinity to certain palate preferences. These include sensitivities to acidity, fruit flavor profiles, oak-aging flavors and other structural and textural elements of wine.

BottleCru’s expert-system wine taste analyzer mimics this process and is an excellent palate modeling tool. The results of our  taste analyzer provide a great starting point for finding wine styles you will love,  Then within the BottleCru app that palate model then evolves and further refines as additional information is obtained from your rated tasting experiences. The more you use the BottleCru app to record your tastings, the more precisely we can tune wine recommendations to match your specific palate.

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